Local Plan Help & Info

Give your feedback to BFC on the draft Local Plan here

The planning process can be quite confusing and overwhelming if you are not familiar with it. Below you can find some guides to help you understand how the process works, and how to have your say with constructive, evidence based feedback.

WRRA Consultation Response

  1. WRRA LP Consultation Response*New

WRRA Guides to the Local Plan process

  1. Winkfield Row Residents Guide to the Draft Local Plan (Guide 1)
  2. WRRA Guide to the draft Local Plan policies (Guide 2)
  3. WRRA Guide to Commenting on the Draft Local Plan (Guide 3)
  4. WRRA Consultation suggested areas for comment *New

Local Plan Evidence Base Specific to Winkfield Row / Cluster 5

  1. WRRA Local Plan Additional Information Part 1
  2. WRRA Local Plan Additional Information Part 2
  3. Housing Background Paper evidence document re Cluster 5
  4. Cluster 5 Section of Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan
  5. Housing Background Paper Wink15 Mushroom Castle

Planning Aid England – Guides to the Process of Local Planning and Planning Applications

  1. Planning Aid England Local Plan Process Guide
  2. Planning Aid England sheet 7 Consulting and Commenting on Planning Applications
  3. Planning Aid Guide to Local Plans
  4. Material Planning Considerations (RTPI.org)

Campaign to Protect Rural England

  1. CPRE report on the potential of brownfield land for housing*New